Wyze Cam v3

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Colour Night Vision

Starlight CMOS Sensor helps you to see in ultra low-light conditions. Wyze Cam v3 is capable of seeing in color at night with very limited light. You can even use it to watch the stars or take a time-lapse of the stars.


Indoor and Outdoor Use

IP65-rated weatherproof with extreme temperature tolerance from -4°F to 113°F, the camera can be mounted anywhere inside or outside your home and stand up to any weather conditions,


Crisp HD Image

An improved sensor and lens lets the v3 capture extraordinary images and videos in any light. It's the best in its class.


Cloud and Local Storage

Free 14-day cloud storage right out of the box.

Included storage gives you peace of mind right from the start. Add even more storage with a microSD card or a subscription to Cam plus


Versatile Mounting

Put your Wyze cam v3 anywhere you want.

Your camera can be mounted 3 ways - with the easy magnetic mount, secure screw mount, or the 1/4" mount on to your existing mount.


Real 2-way Talk

Say goodbye to push-to-talk

Wyze Cam now comes with simultaneous 2-way communication. Talking to your family, pets and visitors is just like making a phone call.


Dual Light System

The Near-IR lights for indoor use are invisible to the human eye so you won't be annoyed by red dots. The far-IR light for outdoor use, to illuminate further and see clearer


Mini Siren Feature

Use the improved speaker as a siren to warn away intruders (and pesky squirrels) with a loud sound. Control the siren from the Wyze app.